Microbrush® X

Designed with a thinner, longer brush tip to simplify application for procedures involving confined spaces and allows for even placement of material. The short, stiff brush fibers hold a fraction of a drop of material for less waste and controlled application.

ONE SIZEBLACKMPX1 Sion™ Dispenser + 100 Applicators
ONE SIZEBLACKPX100100 Applicators

The Benefits

With engineered stiff fibers intended for scrubbing, and a strong bending head that’s flexible up to 90 degrees, Microbrush X ensures the accurate placement of solution in hard to reach areas offering dentists unparalleled convenience, consistency and control.

Better Reach

Extended, extra-thin applicators designed for confined spaces

Shorter, Stiffer Bristles

Designed for handling minute amounts of material and even placement to
inner surfaces of tooth wall

Increased flexibility

Patented bending portion is bendable up to 90 degrees


Ideal for bonding posts, inlay/onlay cementation and perio/subgingival procedures

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At Microbrush International, we design and manufacture restorative dental accessories of the highest quality. Offering a complete range of products to fulfill the unique needs and desires of dentists around the world, our products enable them to better practice their craft with greater convenience, greater consistency, and greater control. Dentists can choose our products with confidence, knowing that every product out-of-the-box will reliably deliver the same performance as the last.

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